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Auteur(s): Licht C., Weller T.

Chapître d'ouvrage: Models, Simulation, And Experimental Issues In Structural Mechanics, vol. p.41-60 (2017)

Ref HAL: hal-01493410_v1
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-48884-4_2
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We aim to present mathematical models of smart devices and smart structures. Smart devices are made of materials which present significant multiphysical couplings. They are integrated in smart structures which take technological advantages of some multiphysical effects. We first propose simplified but accurate models of thin plates or slender rods made of piezoelectric or electromagneto-elastic materials in both static and dynamic cases. Then we focus on smart structures such as piezoelectric patches bonded on a linearly elastic body and piezoelectric junctions between two linearly piezoelectric or elastic bodies.

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