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Jeu. 06/12/2018 14:00 Amphi Jean Jacques Moreau, Bâtiment 2, RdC

RUSINEK Alexis (LEM3 - Univ. de Lorraine)
Laboratory testing of ductile materials under extreme conditions and modeling


In this seminar, the dynamic behavior of materials in term of strain rate and temperature sensitivity will be discussed. To analyze it for a wide range of strain rates and temperatures, experimental tests are frequently performed. It consists generally of using different loading paths as tension, compression, shear …. It has to be noticed that the last one is the most complicated to perform. Indeed, the specimen design for shear does not allow reaching real shearing but it is a combination of shear and tension or shear and compression. Therefore, the material behavior is related to the specimen geometry used. To reach high strain rates, all these tests are done using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bars (SHPB). This technique is well known but may induce some problems related to the design set-up itself. Therefore, inverse methods are necessary to have a better understanding of experimental measurements. In addition, based on experiments, constitutive relations will be developed and proposed taking into account some physical aspects. The constitutive relation is the main key point to simulate complex problems.

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