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Jeu. 15/11/2018 14:00 Amphi Jean Jacques Moreau, Bâtiment 2, RdC

TADRIST Loïc (Université de Liège, Belgique)
Macroscopic wave-particle duality: Why tunnelling should be unpredictable?


Tunnelling is almost as old as quantum mechanics. Eddi et al. reported unpredictable tunnelling when a walking droplet encounters a submerged wall corresponding to an energy barrier. These experimental results have then been confirmed by the numerical simulations of Nachbin et al., proving that tunnelling is a shared trait between quantum particles and walking droplets. The walking droplets are a macroscopic system with deterministic, sometimes chaotic, behaviour. Here we address the seemingly simple question: What are the origins of the unpredictability in walker tunnelling?

We here focus on the fast dynamics of the bouncing droplet, the resolution of which should allow us to recover deterministic behaviour. The apparent stochastic tunnelling is thus directly linked to the time resolution of the fast dynamics of the droplets as was also shown to be of primary importance in the stochastic interaction of two walkers. These studies raise the following: could the zitterbewegung frequency suggested by de Broglie set the fast time scale of a quantum particle account for the stochasticity of quantum mechanics?

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