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Jeu. 21/10/2021 14:00 Salle 205, Bâtiment 2, Etage 1

Résumé des travaux de recherche


This presentation will focus on introducing my research works, my contributions to research projects for the last five years.

Several topics of numerical, analytical, statistical and probabilistic tools will be introduced:

1- Simulation of fatigue crack growth FCG in cracked structures using XFEM.

2- Prediction of FCG life of cracked components.

3- Crack repair.

4- Developing probabilistic approaches throughout deterministic models.

5- Optimization of the Shot-peening process using FEA and Response Surface Method RSM.

6- Prediction of Fatigue limit using probabilistic approach.

7- The impact of friction welding on material properties using RSM.

8- A probabilistic procedure in predicting concrete FCG life under variable amplitude loading.

This presentation will finish with a publication section in which I will present our publications in a number of international journals.

The objective of this presentation is to present my work and discuss the ways through which I can contribute within the laboratory.

Pour plus d'informations, merci de contacter Gibier F.