Revisiting the notion of “resonance wood” choice: a de-compartementalised approach

Newly published Book Chapter:

Carlier Capucine, Alkadri Ahmad, Gril Joseph, Brémaud Iris (2018).

Revisiting the notion of “resonance wood” choice: a decompartementalised approach from violin makers’ opinion and perception to characterization of material properties’ variability.


pp119-141, In: Wooden Musical Instruments: Different Forms of Knowledge (Book of End of WoodMusICK COST Action FP1302), Pérez, M. A. & Marconi, E. (eds.). Philarmonie de Paris.

Abstract: This work aims to improve our understanding of the resonance wood and to investigate the interactions between their physical-mechanical properties, natural variability, and the violin makers’ methods for choosing their materials. In order to identify the luthiers’ practices and opinions, a socio-technical survey was conducted. Physical, vibrational, and visual/structural characteristics of the resonance wood obtained from several provenances with a variety of quality grades were also determined. Finally, these two approaches were completed by a psychosensory evaluation to compare the measurements that we have conducted with the evaluation results made by the violin makers.