I developped 2 original databases, intended as research tools as a start, but that are also expected to be usefull to the research and/or craftsmanship communities. These databases are not yet publicly accessible, but I wish to do so in near future. Some descriptions and analyses can be found here, here, here, here or here. The topics of these 2 databases are:

  • WooDiViB : The database of wood vibrational properties (density, specific dynamic modulus of elasticity, damping coefficient/internal friction). Origin of data: own experimental work combined with extensive litterature review. The database currently includes such data on more than 450 species (plus some within-species variability). Additional data on anisotropy.
  • Instrument Making Uses of Wood… Worldwide : The relational database on biological, cultural and physical diversity of woods in instrument making. It links uses of woody species in the making of diverse parts/functions of diverse instruments from diverse organological families and diverse cultures, with taxonomic information on wood biodiversity, and with data on wood features and physical properties (including vibrational, link with WooDiViB above). Origin of data: interdisciplinary (ethnobotany, organology, ethnomusicology, instrument making technical sources, forestry, wood science, acoustics, etc…) litterature review, completed with some own interviews with instrument makers. The global database currently includes about 750 species, either with documented uses in instrument making, or with known data on vibrational properties, or both (about 150 species common to both fields).