- Influence of temperature in a mass transfer simulation: application to wood doi link

Auteur(s): Varnier Maximin, Sauvat Nicolas, Ulmet Laurent, Montero C., Dubois F., Gril J.

(Article) Publié: Wood Science And Technology, vol. 54 p.943-962 (2020)

Ref HAL: hal-02996011_v1
DOI: 10.1007/s00226-020-01197-y
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For in situ timber structures applications, heat and mass transfer are strongly dependent on temperature. This work focuses on a parametrical modeling to evaluate and quantify temperature effect at each stage. The model is classically based on a coupling between Fourier's Law, which establishes the temporal and spatial distribution of temperature, and Fick's Law dealing specifically with the water field distribution. Several hypotheses are proposed and discussed in this work as regards thermal coupling. In particular, it is shown how to integrate temperature into a permeability correction. Also proposed herein is an interaction between temperature and the sorption isotherm. The model incorporates partial adsorption and desorption isotherms. Implementation in a finite element software allows highlighting the various couplings, in comparison with more standard calculus approaches.

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