- Multibody approach for reactive transport and poromechanical modeling in discontinuous porous media hal link

Auteur(s): Socié Adrien, Dubois F., NEJI Mejdi, Monerie Y., PERALES Frederic

Conference: Workshop "Advances in the SImulation of reactive flow and TRAnsport in porous Media" (SITRAM21) (PARIS, FR, 2021-12-08)

Ref HAL: hal-03544804_v1
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In the context of long-term degradation of porous media, the coupling between fracture mechanics and reactive transport is investigated. To capture the effect of the discontinuities into the reactive transport kinetic and the expansion induced by solid precipitation, a reactive transport model has been developed into the IRSN numerical platform XPER. The fracture is studied through micromechanical modeling based on a multibody concept and Frictional Cohesive Zone Model (FCZM). Each mesh of a finite element modeling is considered as an independent body and the overall behavior is obtained by the coupling of a volume behavior and a surface behavior respectively inside and between the finite elements. The volume behavior takes into account the poromechanics and the geochemical behavior of a porous medium without any damage. The surface behavior describes the fracture mechanics and the species transport across and along the discontinuities. The first application is dedicated to chemical attack in a pre-cracked concrete where the crack path has been computed by the mechanical solver . The second application focuses on the expansion of concrete induced by strong solid precipitation.

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