Welcome to the homepage of Omar Anza Hafsa


Assistant Professor

University of Nîmes

Place Gabriel Péri

31021 Nîmes France

Tel:+33(0)4 66 27 95 57



LMGC - UMR 5508

University Montpellier 2

CC 048 Place Eugène Bataillon

34095 Montpellier cedex 5 France

Tel:+33(0)4 67 14 96 52


Research interests: Nonlinear analysis, calculus of variations and theoretical mechanics.


Member of the team "Mathematics and Modelisation in Mechanics" part of LMGC (Laboratoire de mécanique et génie civil), and member of the research group MIPA (Mathematiques, Informatique, Physique et Applications) of the university of Nîmes.