LMGC90 pre-processor documentation

Dedicated tools:


lmgc_pre is a Python module dedicated to the generation of LMGC90’s input files. This module provides basic functionnalities allowing to define body, material, model, visibility table and contact laws in a self-content way. Furthermore anybody can write its own pre-processing functions according to his/her needs if they are not provided yet.

The high level pre-processing functions are categorized in three domains: granular, masonry and mesh manipulation. Of course any functionnality filed under any category can be used or combined in any other context.

First section details how to generate and manipulate a single avatar. Granular section is dedicated on how to generate collection of particles with a given granulometry and deposit container. The second part is dedicated to 2D/3D masonry. The third part details how to read meshes from file and manipulate them. Miscellaneous part gathers information on utilities available in so many different cases that they do not belong to any category.

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