Visibility table definitionΒΆ

A visibility_table object created by see_table is necessary to perform interaction detection. It allows to relate two sets, Candidate Body/Contactor/Color and Antagoniste Body/Contactor/Color, to an interaction behavior model/material.

behav may be a tact_behav object or a string.

Only contact with gap lower than alert distance are kept.

Halo is given to reduce neighbor detection when using meshed surface.


vt = see_table(CorpsCandidat='MAILx', candidat='CLxxx', colorCandidat='BLEUx',
               CorpsAntagoniste='MAILx', antagoniste='ALpxx', colorAntagoniste='BLEUx',
               behav=lcsas,  alert=0.01, halo=0.05)