LMGC90 documentation

LMGC90 is an open source software dedicated to the modeling of large collections of interacting objects. Some multiple physics couplings are available.

To find informations concerning the installation of either the user version of the code see lmgc90_user or the development version see lmgc90_dev

Concerning the use of LMGC90, it is mainly driven by python scripts which concern the following tasks :

  • First, one needs to construct a numerical model; see LMGC90 pre-processor documentation.
  • Then one needs to perform computation; see LMGC90 computation documentation.
  • Finally one needs to visualize and analyze results; see both LMGC90 pre-processor and computation documentations.

Additional documentations are also provided (examples, tutorials, etc). Some development aspects are also covered.

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