Directeur de Recherche au CNRS

Researcher in National Center for Scientific Research (France)

LMGC, UMR 5508

University Montpellier 2

Place Eugène Bataillon

F-34095 Montpellier cedex 5


Phone        +33(0)4 67 14 35 06

Fax             +33(0)4 67 14 39 23



This is the homepage of Farhang Radjai.

Granular matter

My past and current research work concerns the physics and mechanics of granular materials. Granularity is a natural state of condensed matter. Just as we live in a world of broken symmetries (see New Theories of Everything by John D. Barrow), solid matter occurs mainly in fragmented or granular form. For the rich variety of macroscopic phenomena observed in granular materials, the packing characteristics are as much relevant as the properties of individual grains. Dissipative interactions, absence of thermal randomness in grain dynamics and geometrical disorder are basic features that differentiate granular materials from molecular matter. My research is part of this wonderful adventure started by the end of the last century, that brings together scientists from soil mechanics, powder technology, statistical physics, geophysics, fluid mechanics and many more.                     

Last update: january 2013